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Welcome to the Virginia Maple Syrup Trail!

 The Virginia Maple Syrup Trail highlights pure maple syrup in the central Appalachia area where the delicacy can be consistently made.  Maple syrup starts by collecting sugar water, or “sap”, from maple trees in late winter and early spring during the freezing and thawing cycle.  That sugar water is then boiled down to make delicious syrup.  The syrup producers’ sugar camps remain up year-round even outside of their busy processing season, and you can hear their stories, view their equipment and enjoy their tasty syrup.



Your passport begins in Highland County, home to the official maple festival of Virginia.  You’re invited to visit eight sugar camps in Highland County throughout the year, excluding the busy Maple Festival weeks and weekends in March, to learn the techniques of how maple syrup is uniquely produced at each one.  Call ahead to the sugar camps, schedule a visit for a tour, taste their syrup and get a stamp on your physical passport.  Passports are available at the sugar camps themselves upon arrival, at local businesses or at select Virginia Welcome Centers.  After all eight camps are visited, there will be a prize, but the real incentive is to have more one-on-one interaction with the farmers who run the camps.  Discover all that happens even beyond maple syrup on these these farms and in the scenic, unspoiled mountains of Highland County.  If you want to know where your food comes from, this a great family agritourism opportunity!

Virginia’s Sweet Spot, Highland County, is waiting for you to explore!

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Our Sugar Camps

Puffenbarger’s Sugar Orchard

In the heart of the Blue Grass Valley, the Puffenbarger’s Sugar Orchard is a multigenerational family owned business that produces “sugar water” in to sweet maple syrup! –Read More–

Laurel Fork Sapsuckers

Laurel Fork Sapsuckers is a family-run sugar camp that you can join for high elevation views of western Highland County and a tour of the maple syrup making process. They have used materials from their farm, as well as equipment from the county that folks used over 100 years ago.  –Read More–

Mill Gap Farms

Mill Gap Farms is the only producer in Virginia who is certified Organic by the USDA. They utilize the latest technology from Vermont and Quebec to produce their maple syrup.  –Read More–

Duff’s Sugar House

Duff’s Sugar House is a small family-run, old-time sugar house where the trees are still “opened” by hand and the sugar water collected in buckets.  –Read More–

Back Creek Farms

The Lowry family has been making maple syrup since before the Civil War, and they still use the open pan passed down from Pat Lowry’s great-grandmother.  –Read More–

Sugar Tree Country Store & Sugar House

They utilize reverse osmosis techniques for making syrup but value the importance of old-fashioned family time to bring you a full range of maple products.  –Read More–

Bruce’s Syrup and Candies

Advancing beyond just old-fashioned buckets and kettles in the early days, they now utilize a vacuum system, reverse osmosis, state-of-the-art evaporator, filtration and bottling equipment.  –Read More–

Tonoloway Farm

Virginia’s only commercial producer of black walnut syrup. Visitors are welcome to taste the unique flavors of walnut syrup, hickory syrup, as well as classic wood-fired maple syrup.  –Read More–

Upcoming Events

Highland County Maple Festival: March 12-13 & 19-20, 2022

Held annually during the second and third weekends in March.  For over 60 years, visitors have been drawn to Highland County to tour real maple sugar camps for a cultural and culinary adventure! In 1999, The Library of Congress designated The Highland County Maple Festival a “Local Legacy.” In 2014, the Governor of Virginia signed a bill into law designating the festival as the “official maple festival of Virginia.” Each year, tens of thousands of visitors are drawn to this unspoiled, rural region of Virginia to celebrate the “opening” of the trees and observe the process of maple syrup-making. Sugar camp tours provide a unique and educational experience that portrays a rapidly vanishing way of American life. *** Please note that due to potential high volumes of people and the busy time to produce syrup, passports will be unable to be stamped from March 7 – 20, 2022. ***
Please click here for further details about the Maple Festival.

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